Laisvydė Šalčiūtė

The (Melo)dramas. Expulsion, 2016

A series of drawings The (Melo)dramas. Expulsion, a series of drawings, 2016 

The work (Melo)dramas. Expulsion interprets the myth of Eve’s expulsion from Paradise. I symbolically picture God as a person, who just like all of us, has a nervous system, that is, thoughts, behaviour and his personality, e.g., psyche. In this work, I revisit two psychological concepts – two defensive mechanisms that could possibly be characteristic of the symbolical figure of God whom I imagine as a male individual – these of repression and projection.  The theory of psychoanalysis perceives repression as involuntary process of exclusion of distressing thoughts, feelings or passions from the conscious mind. Projection is projecting of unacceptable thoughts and feeling (hate, sexual fantasies) and their motifs onto another person. These infidel fantasies of mine are illustrated by the word God glaring in the ‘sky’ of the lightbox, as a proof that Eve is hidden inside God as an unrecognized and undesirable Other who can be made a scape-goat and driven out from Paradise. 

 1(Cvirkaitė, K. Klasikinė psichoanalizė, prieiga internetu: [žr. 2017-10-04].)